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Rob Rodrigues is a seasoned litigator specializing in high-stakes business and intellectual property disputes in Brazil. Renowned for his strategic acumen, Rob delivers unmatched expertise to FORTUNE 500 companies and dynamic startups alike. He expertly navigates complex legal landscapes, ensuring robust patent portfolio management for top-tier life sciences and telecommunications firms. His deep market insight positions him as a first-choice advisor for both acquisition and enforcement actions.

Rob's excellence has been recognized by a number of leading publications. In 2024, Lexology listed him as a Legal Influencer in Dispute Resolution. Chambers describes Rob as a "superb litigator", "a very competent professional", and "outstanding in providing business-oriented advice." Who's Who Legal praises "his top-tier practice advising clients on life sciences-related patent litigation." The Legal 500 reports that clients describe Rob as someone "who standards out for his strong background in both the IP area, both in terms of litigation and in relation to more technical topics." Client testimonials in IAM Strategy 300 laud him for his "deep understanding of IP issues and keen strategic insight, which he leverages to add value and monetise portfolios."

Throughout his career, Rob has spearheaded multiple preliminary injunction proceedings and trials for global companies in Brazil. He also facilitates monumental IP asset transactions, with a keen eye on managing risks.

A Stanford Law School LL.M. alumnus, Rob served as a lead editor of the Stanford Technology Law Review. He has contributed extensively to global technology law journals and currently holds an editorial role at the Kluwer IP Blog.


LL.M. in Law, Science and Technology, from Stanford Law School.

Residential Scholarship at Hoover IP2 Summer Teaching Institute.

J.D. from Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ).



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